Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Field trip to Petrosains KLCC

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Last week, Jutakira Sb crew went to Petrosains KLCC for a field trip just to know more on science and interactive games for our upcoming projects. Indeed it is a very interesting place to explore.

Probably some of you guys don't know much about Petrosains. Petrosains is located at Suria Tower which is connected to the Petronas Twin Tower. It is an interactive discovery centre and it is in the same league with Singapore Science Centre and Discovery Centre. There a lots of fun and absorbing things here that can be learned by everyone. One thing interesting about Petrosains is they use a very attractive approach in a sense that they teaches science by using interactive games and simulator, which we find it to be very interesting and appealing.

Well our adventure started with a 'dark' ride on oil shaped vehicle and the visitors are not allowed to take any pictures during this ride. It was such a fantastic ride as it able us to use five senses in exploring science.

As the centre itself is interactive in nature, we also get to experience the helicopter flight simulation and getting on oil platform. Nonetheless, there are over hundreds of interactive exhibits and programmes spread over the 7,000 square metres at the Petronas Twin Tower. Some of other highlights in Petrosains that definitely going to entertain us for hours are Geotime Diorama, Molecule Nano World, Oil Platform, Downstream and Science Station.

Helicopter Simulator

Smoking Volcano

Singing Dinosaur

Petrosains is indeed a great place for kids and adult to loosen up and experience educational, enjoyable and safe moment with family and friends. The experience that we have gained through this one day trip is such worth value for money and we highly recommend others to go and explore the excitement in Petrosains.

-Jutakira Sb Crew-

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