Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Field trip to Petrosains KLCC

Hi bloggers..

Last week, Jutakira Sb crew went to Petrosains KLCC for a field trip just to know more on science and interactive games for our upcoming projects. Indeed it is a very interesting place to explore.

Probably some of you guys don't know much about Petrosains. Petrosains is located at Suria Tower which is connected to the Petronas Twin Tower. It is an interactive discovery centre and it is in the same league with Singapore Science Centre and Discovery Centre. There a lots of fun and absorbing things here that can be learned by everyone. One thing interesting about Petrosains is they use a very attractive approach in a sense that they teaches science by using interactive games and simulator, which we find it to be very interesting and appealing.

Well our adventure started with a 'dark' ride on oil shaped vehicle and the visitors are not allowed to take any pictures during this ride. It was such a fantastic ride as it able us to use five senses in exploring science.

As the centre itself is interactive in nature, we also get to experience the helicopter flight simulation and getting on oil platform. Nonetheless, there are over hundreds of interactive exhibits and programmes spread over the 7,000 square metres at the Petronas Twin Tower. Some of other highlights in Petrosains that definitely going to entertain us for hours are Geotime Diorama, Molecule Nano World, Oil Platform, Downstream and Science Station.

Helicopter Simulator

Smoking Volcano

Singing Dinosaur

Petrosains is indeed a great place for kids and adult to loosen up and experience educational, enjoyable and safe moment with family and friends. The experience that we have gained through this one day trip is such worth value for money and we highly recommend others to go and explore the excitement in Petrosains.

-Jutakira Sb Crew-

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jutakira Sb is now hiring!

Hi bloggers..

Jutakira Sb is growing like crazy and we need your help. We are looking for hardworking and skilled creative individuals to help us develop and scale new version of Jutakira World Animation new projects.

If you think you are creative enough, do drop us your resume at jutakirasb@yahoo.com

-Jutakira Sb Crew-

Get connected with us through Facebook!

Hi bloggers..

We are now in Facebook! Today you can get connected with us through Facebook. We find that we don't want to be left behind as Facebook is the latest new 'in' thing in all over the world. Be Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd by adding us at JutakiraSb@yahoo.com.

We will update you with our new upcoming events and projects, what is in and on with Jutakira Sb and you can start sharing and digging Jutakira Sb stuff right away.

Happy Facebook'ing'!

-JutakiraSb Crew-

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sneak peak on us!

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Perhaps not many people have heard of Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd. However, we actually one of the pioneer in the animation business here in Malaysia. Here's sneak peak about us!

Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd started the business in the year 1993 with the mission to reach the global market by involving in animation, entertainment, production and promotion businesses. As one of the pioneer in the Malaysia animation industry, our company has produced few animations series which has been recognised by Malaysian to among the best animation in Malaysia.

The first animation produced by this company is Sang Wira which came on air in 1997 and that series has been awarded with Anugerah Sri Angkasa Best Children TV Show in 1999. Out of 182 episodes, 78 episodes managed to penetrate the international market.

Their second animation entitled BADANG, went on TV1 in year 2000. This series has won the Anugerah Karya Filem Malaysia 2000 for the Best Sound Effect and have also been listed as a finalist in Anugerah Sri Angkasa 2001 in the Best Animation TV category.

Then, we have produced 46 episodes of their third animation entitled RIMBA which has been aired on TV1. The various comical animal characters in RIMBA will definitely win your heart over! The latest addition to our animation collection is HIDAYAT. These 52 episodes which has been made focuses on positives values such as perseverance, hardworking and the importance of knowledge in hoping that they could help develop a better breed of positive thinkers and responsible leaders in the future.

Cik Norlina Bt Nordin is the person behind the company's success. She holds the biggest share in the company and successfully brings the company to the level of accomplishment that we can proud of.

These are few sneak peak of Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd. More updates will be coming up soon...

-Jutakira Sb Crew-

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to brand new Jutakira World Animation blog. This blog is to function as a means of all related news or updates on Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd.

Happy blogging people!

-Jutakira Sb Crew-